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      iam using mac 10.5 safari. games keep telling me to update flash player have done so numerous times. have uninstalled and reinstalled.same thing keeps coming up .what am i doing wrong

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          Hi Foggies011,


          The issue here may be compatiblity. A lot of flash sites require that you have the latest Flash Player 11.  Unfortunately, Flash Player 11 requires Mac 10.6 and above.  Therefore, the latest flash player that you'll be able to install on your particular operating systems is Flash Player 10.3.  So, even though you have the latest version of flash available to you (Flash 10.3), some sites still require you have the very latest (Flash 11).  In order to access these sites, you will need to upgrade your computer's operating system or reach out to the website in question and see if they can bring their Flash requirement down.  Hope this helps.

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