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    epub printing failed, how to reset?


      I have an epub book I borrowed from the public library.  I wanted to print some pages, but the app crashed, and now I do not have Print as an option, it is grayed out.  The print limit was 29 pages.  While I had selected a print range of those 29 pages, ADE looked to be printing ALL the pages, and I couldn't cancel it.


      So, now what?


      Do I have to check the book in and then out again?  Or will I never be able to print any pages of that book again?



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          sjpt Level 4

          None of my library books allows printing at all.

          What does it say when you ask for book info (ctrl-I).


          I guess you can try check in and out again.


          You could DRM strip the book (Google epubee).  In many cases I suggest this even where it is strictly against the Ts&Cs, because the stupidities of the Adobe DRM implementation put people into a situation where they cannot otherwise perform reasonable actions that are permitted by the intent of the DRM. 

          I'm not sure where the 29 page print limit came from in your case, it's up to your concience whether you try this route.