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    Consolidating DVDs (SD) onto dual-layer discs


      I am deep in the school of hard knocks. Someone has a bunch of DVDs that were created by copying VHS tapes (all home made stuff). They would like to reduce the disc count.

      I am on a vertical learning curve, having not dealt with Premiere Pro since about 1998 (was it even Pro then?). I had a little knowledge, underpowered PC and a lot of frustration. I

      never did become proficient. I plan on creating a menu so the user can select which one they wish to view, or allow them to jut put in the player and let it do it's thing.


      Any special pitfalls I should be looking out for?

      Any difference between doing it on a PC or a Mac?

      Any issues (and how to handle) switching layers?


      Better to copy originals onto a scratch drive first? It's not an actual video drive but, all it would have is what I am copying.

      I have a i7@3.33 processor and 12 gb of ram....TB scratch drive....


      Getting new MacBook Pro next week with i7 (@2.7 I believe), 16gb and 768gb flash drive.


      This has to run glitch free when done....I have too much riding on it....


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...


      Tim T.