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    Issues with colour picker after installing latest updates


      I’ve just updated my Photoshop (CS6)  but now whenever I use it I can’t bring up the colour picker panel. When I try, Nothing happens and everything is else is disabled- I can’t click on tools, or layers, or anything from the dropdown menus. I can’t even minimize or quit the program!


      Has any one else experienced this? Or knows how to fix it? I can't use it like this.


      I’ve restarted photoshop several times, restarted my computer and this still happens every time I click on the colour swatch to bring up the picker.


      I’m running on Windows.


      Any help would be great.

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds like the color picker is opening off screen.


          Do you have or had dual monitors?


          You should be able to hit the escape or enter button to cancel out of the color picker.


          I would try resetting the photoshop cs6 preferences by holding down the Shift+Alt+Ctrl keys just after starting the launch

          of photoshop cs6 and keep holding the keys down until you get a dialog asking if you want to delete the photoshop

          settings file and then press Yes because yoy do.