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    Background Music


      I'm new to Premiere Elements 11. Working my way through Classroom in a book lesson 9 creating background music. The SmartSound program 5.7 will not load, must use 5.8 and will not transfer the lessons music without purchasing the program. I managed to adjust the sound as per instructions but could not add it to time line. I do not see myself creating a lot of movies. Probably more slideshows with music that relates to the photos. I went to Austraila and brought back ausie music to add to the slide show but have not been able to.

      Do I have to use the SmartSound program to add background music? I would like to use the CDs I have picked up on my trips. The CDs represent the preasentation more then any of the SmartSound selection. I can not find any information on other ways to add background music.

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          No, you do not have to use SmartSound soundtracks on the Premiere Elements (any version) Soundtrack.


          You can import music without copyright issues by importing it from your computer hard drive save location using Add Media to get it into Project Assets. From Project Assets, you can drag the music to the program's Soundtrack.

          Refer to the label of your CD for protection rights and contact the distributor of the CD if any questions in that regard.


          The perk of the SmartSound soundtracks is that their soundtracks give you clips which will have the duration that  you want and the arrangement of the music will not be affected. It is music arranged specific to the duration. That is my very rough description of it. By my count, there should be 10 free SmartSound Soundtracks in that feature.


          Major concerns in this type of matter include use of protected music and music whose properties (compression and file extension) are on the programs Import Formats Supported List.

          http://help.adobe.com/en_US/premiereelements/using/WSeffff8bffc802084-1665492e133c9c19956- 8000.html