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    playing WMV files in sequence

      I am trying to play a series of 11 WMV files in a sequece. Each file is in its own frame. When each file is complete I want the movie to move to the next frame and play the next file. I also have buttons within each framje that allow the user to move to any of the other files (or chapters).

      I have tried using the following Lingo script in the Frame Script:

      on enterFrame
      member("10_whatsnext").play ()

      on exitFrame
      if member("10_whatsnext").mediaStatus = #playing then
      go to the frame
      go to frame 12
      end if

      The WMV file plays to the endbut the movie does not advance to the next frame. I have tried variations of this using "currentTime" and have tried to use the the files duration in milliseconds. as a parrameter but the result is the same.

      What am I doing wrong???