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    After choosing the graphics card (Quadro 4000) as recommended by adobe  ..we have problems....

    flash laptop




      After choosing the graphics card (Quadro 4000) and then adobe as the partner the following applicatons are shown. I have noticed that the only CS6 product is the Premiere Pro CS6 but we do use the whole Adobe Master Suite.




      Can Adobe please provide clarification on what version of driver is required for the Adobe Master Suite CS6 when using the Quadro 4000 graphics card in windows 7 64bit (pro)

        image one 1.jpg

      We are having constant problems with crashing programs ACROSS the SUITE,unsee-able footage,drop frames on outputs( reguardless of WHAT SETTINGS.) and system lock ups. All  codecs are on board ,Our I T staff and production staff are pulling their hair out as one conflict /problem is resolved , another is created somewhere else.

      have tired latest  recommended drivers and rolled back  a few. still NO resolution.

      THe systm   has,at adobe 's tech recommendations, had adobe cleaner remove ALL and cloud has reinstalled all of the master suite. still no resolution.