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    Code Navigation Error - Source Can Not Be Found

    DanWilson_ Level 1
      I recently installed FB3. I updated the DTP and several other classes in order to support Subversion (See http://www.nodans.com/index.cfm/2007/10/8/Adding-Subclipse-to-Flex-Builder-3-Standalone) . Now, I am unable to navigate to the source of an MXML component. In the past, pressing control and clicking an MXML element navigated to the source of the component. Now I receive an alert box titled "Code Navigation Error" with the contents of "Source Can Not Be Found".

      I have tried to attach my configuration details using the Attach Code function, but the post does not go through. I get the Adobe 404 page. If I inline the configuration details, I get yelled at because the message is over 10k characters. I I'll be happy to email the complete Configuration Details if it helps.

      Dan Wilson