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    Problem with disabling Autoplay

    cheeyoon Level 1

      As far as all the documents go, when I disable autoplay, the poster image is supposed to show up and the asset should play when I click on the poster image. Correct?


      However, that doesn't happen...

      The first thing I see is the first frame of my asset (paused) and no poster image to click on to play the animation.


      I have Poster image set up and fallbacks, tried with preloaders, etc. I also tried creating a new document and same problem so I'm sure my file isn't damaged in any way.

      Am I missing something here?


      I guess a different approach would be to make a play-button, but how do I do that? I tried adding a sym.stop(); function to the beginning of the stage and a label "start" in the timeframe a few ms after. I placed a button symbol to the beggining and made visibily none on the "start" frame. I added a sym.play("start") to the click function of the button symbol and tested it out.

      Nope. If I keep autoplay on, it'll completely ignore all functions and play the entire animation. If I turn autoplay off, it'll show the button but the function won't work so it won't start playing from "start"


      Solutions to any of the two would be great.


      Even better, is there a way to directly embed javascript to the animation so it would play when visible?

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, cheeyoon-


          So the poster image can be inserted into one of three different places - used in the down-level stage, which is displayed to the user of IE6, 7, or 8, used in the preloader, which is what the user sees while the libraries are loading up (which can be quick), or packed in an OAM file to be displayed in InDesign.  If autoplay is not set in InDesign, it will display until the user touches/clicks on it in their digital publication.


          Otherwise, the poster image is not displayed to the user at all.  If you want it to do the "touch me and I'll start playing," you can use your poster image like any other image.  You can set it to the only visible object at the beginning of the timeline and make it an object you can touch to play the timeline.


          Hopefully that gives you an idea of where the poster image is used and how to go about things going forward.  Feel free to continue to ask questions!