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    Customize the load order of symbols


      Hey everyone!


      I have a question that after search the forum could not find an answer to. So I decided to make a new post


      I am working on a rather large edge animation, and so far it all looks and renders real nice. What it is is a web banner with a pretty cool background, and part of the background my friend took into after effects for me and added some animation to it. Then he rendered it out as a jpeg sequence and I imported the sequence as a symbol. I then used the time line to hide and show each image according to the after effects frame rate so in the broswer it looks like an "animated" jpeg But it is really just being cycled by the "hide" and "show" element functions.


      This effect looks very nice, and doesn't take too long to load, however one problem I do have is that when a user loads the banner the website will first load the images before loading the background. Which isn't a big deal for fast connections, but for slow connections it takes roughtly 8 to 10 seconds to load the images and then the background loads behind them.


      So my question is there any way to change the order which the symbols load? I want to make it so that the background loads first and then the symbol holding the jpeg sequence loads infront of it. Does anyone know if this is possible?


      Thank you so much for any help!

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          truth3 Level 1

          Oh, I also wanted to add that I am aware that edge animate uses the $(document).ready(function() to delay the loading of certain events. However that seems to render the code as soon as a symbol is recognized by the broser, instead of after all images (the background and other small elements) are loaded.


          Do anyone know of anything equivelant to the "$(window).load(function()" that will work in edge animate? Thanks for your help!