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    How to create in-house enterprise distribution ipa with flash builder ?

    Morph89 Level 1

      Hi All!


      I would like to know a clear process to make in-house ipa with flash builder in windows enviroment.


      I got an enterprise cert with an enterprise provision file.

      After it i have to choose from two possibilities(Release or Ad-hoc) which shall i use?


      If I choose Release i can not upload the ipa to TestFlightApp.com saying the following error messages:


      When i dont set any entitlemens in app.xml(get-task-allow etc):

      'Invalid Profile: developer build entitlements must have get-task-allow set to true."


      When I set it to true( but the mobileprov has false so It is 100% that wont work):
      "Invalid IPA: The get-task-allow values in the embedded.mobileprovision and your binary don't match. Are you sure you created the IPA with the same type of certificate as the one you used to compile it?"


      Anyone have a clear route making the ipa than it is uploadable to Testflight?


      Thanks everyone.