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    Multicam - Choosing Camera Angle when Scrubbing the timeline

    Steve Liles Level 1

      I have just upgraded to CS6 and I'm trying to use the multicam for the first time having used it extensively in CS5. I can change the camera angles when hitting the record button and then using the numbered keys (or mouse clicking the multicam screens) BUT I don't multicam in that way. I usually play until I get to a position I want to change the camera and then fine tune that position and hit the corresponding screen number. However, when I do this it doesn't create a new screen edit at that point but it changes the entire clip to that screen.

      Is this a change that CS6 have deemed the way forward. If it is I can't see how this would work in my workflow with a lot of fast moving changes to many cameras. However, when I read the tutorial it states clearly

      "Another method is to not use the Record button or play through the sequence, but to simply move the playhead to the frame you want and select a new camera."

      So I believe this should work and hopefully I'm just missing what I'm supposed to do. But if that's the case I've been missing it for over a day now and it's driving me crazy!!!