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    How do I remove white gaps (seen on print-ready PDF) in between two pages?

    T-Bone1987 Level 1

      Hi all,


      I need an urgent response to this!!


      I am trying to make my brochure print ready. The printer asked me to put bleed on all four sides of every page which I believe I have done?


      brochure export settings.jpg


      But have a look here and see the annoying overlap of pencil image onto the left page (printer says to add bleed to all 4 sides of the right side page below):


      brochure overlap.jpg


      and this unwanted white gap inbetween these two pages:


      brochure white gap.jpg


      THIS IS HOW BOTH EXAMPLES SHOULD LOOK (Preview mode on InDesign):


      brochure how it should look.jpg


      Thank you in advance!