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    The license key is damaged


      Hi, one of my French customer is getting this error message:


      'The license key is damaged' (la cle de license est endommagee).


      Any suggestions any one?


      Much appreciated

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          sjpt Level 4

          Is this

          1. on running ADE?
          2. on trying to open a .acsm file?
          3. on trying to read a .epub or .pdf file?


          One thing that can help is to reset the authorization of ADE.

          When it gets it confused, it seems to throw out fairly random error messages.

          1. ctrl-shift-D to remove any old (possibly corrupt) authorization. (cmd-shift-D on Mac)
          2. restart ADE
          3. try again to authorize with the correct AdobeID.
          4. then try again to read the book.


          I think this is pretty unlikely to help if it is just one book giving problems.

          Probably best to try to get a new version of the file giving problems in that case.

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            camelias086d Level 1

            Hi there,


            Thank you very much for your suggestion. The customer is a bit 'narrow' and doesn't give me the information I'm asking for. It happens a lot with doctors...they want everything to work straight away and they are very impatient.


            But I will advice this and see if it works.


            Again, thank you!

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              thank you

              it worked