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    Audio with multi clip seq?


      Im trying to create a multi clip sequence. I used two cameras, cam One has 2 channels and i only want to use channel 1. Cam 2 has 1 channel and i only want to use it as a reference for sync. When i make my multi-clip i keep getting a mix of the two cameras audio channels?


      How do i just carry camera ones, channel 1 across to multi-clip sequence?





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          Steve Liles Level 1

          Hi Phil, Choose your Clip from Camera 1 and do Clip>Audio Options>Breakout to Mono and then you will have two separate audio sequences. Choose the sequence you want and place on your multicam sequence. Then choose the audio track on the multicam sequence (if you place this on Audio track 1 then this is the default anyway) and this will be the audio that appears in your multicam edit.
          Hope that's okay and you can follow!!