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    Indesign pdf form


      I have created a pdf form from Indesign. Is there a way to enable the person filling out the form to then click a button (created in indesign) that collects their answers and exports them in a preformatted pdf?


      It's not something I'm aware of but a client has asked if it is possible.


      I know that I can collect the data at my end but it is the instant creation of the pdf with the users answers that is then available to the user that I'm looking to achieve.


      Any help is welcome!




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can't do it with InDesign alone. You have to use the Distribute Form feature in Acrobat Pro. Assuming you have Acrobat Pro, check out the Help file for form distribution. Forms can be collected in a PDF Portfolio format which can be exported to a spreadsheet.