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    I already have an application on my website that uses PHP apparently i can re-create it catalyst




      So basically the website is for a removals company and the application is a 'quick quote' form. It uses PHP in it's operation and so i cannot implement it into my new site created using muse. here is the existing quick quote that works fine - http://www.bearsbyremovals.co.uk/house-removals/quick-quote.php


      According to the guy on the online chat thing he told me that i could re-create it using muse and business catalyst.. is this true? and if so, how do i go about it? it's a really important part of the website that i cannot do without. I am not a coder i am just a tech savvy son of a guy who owns a removals company. I love technology and computers but i'm in no way clever enough to code this all myself. So if you could keep it in lamens terms that'd be appreciated ha


      Here is the new site - www.bearsbys.com


      Thank You,