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    .idml file wont open - Resolve missing plugin errors in CS5 & 6


      Hi everyone, I'm a designer based in the UK.

      Ok I designed a 30 page brochure in iD CS6.


      I then saved it out as an .idml file as I needed to take it to another desktop computer (mac) running CS5, I did this over several days & it worked fine!


      I made a pdf this morning & saved, upon saving it may have crashed & not saved 100%.


      When trying to open he file now at either location on both ID CS6/5 I get the same message everyone gets...


      "Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application."



      I NEED this file as its contents are vital. I wanna scream but resisting the temptation thus far!

      Can anyone help? Reading through the forum there seems  many options however I cant seem to get any to work? Any help or recovery of this file will be my saving grace!


      I'm happy to mail the .idml file off topic for someone to take a look at?

      File size is only 8kb


      I fear the worst but am holding on for dear life!


      Kind regards