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    Clean Project -> Files Disappear

      I was wondering if anyone else has experienced problems when doing a clean project and all the build files in the /bin folder are disappearing. Kinda wierd because all my old projects (Flex2-3 pre Beta) build fine. I even changed Workspace and pulled in old projects, created new and still disappearing?

      Thanks, Matt
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          widgeter Level 1
          OK, further testing resulted in that if i do a clean project with an error

          Example attached with just a . as the error, my files in folder /bin disappear???

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            Gheorghe Blanariu Adobe Employee
            Could you please file a bug on http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ giving as many details as you can. Can you attach your project as well because I couldn't duplicate your problem.

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              Running clean killed my project. I get a file not found error on the next build. It also destroyed reference to all swc in my lib directory.

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                student_student Level 1
                After running clean the project no longer reads the swc file during build.

                TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert VeohServiceTest@2250e5c1 to flexunit.framework.Test.
                at flexunit.framework::TestSuite()[C:\Documents and Settings\mchamber\My Documents\src\flashplatform\projects\flexunit\trunk\src\actionscript3\flexunit\framework\ TestSuite.as:132]
                at flexunit.framework::TestSuite/addTestSuite()[C:\Documents and Settings\mchamber\My Documents\src\flashplatform\projects\flexunit\trunk\src\actionscript3\flexunit\framework\ TestSuite.as:220]
                at VeohServiceTest/createTestSuite()[/Users/jspooner/Documents/veoh/FlashPlayer/branches/Act ionScriptSDK/src/VeohServiceTest.mxml:15]
                at VeohServiceTest/handleCreationComplete()[/Users/jspooner/Documents/veoh/FlashPlayer/branc hes/ActionScriptSDK/src/VeohServiceTest.mxml:20]
                at VeohServiceTest/___VeohServiceTest_Application1_creationComplete()[/Users/jspooner/Docume nts/veoh/FlashPlayer/branches/ActionScriptSDK/src/VeohServiceTest.mxml:5]
                at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
                at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
                at mx.core::UIComponent/dispatchEvent()
                at mx.core::UIComponent/set initialized()
                at mx.managers::LayoutManager/doPhasedInstantiation()
                at Function/ http://adobe.com/AS3/2006/builtin::apply()
                at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher2()
                at mx.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()
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                  This is a known issue. FB3 takes the liberty to delete files in the bin directory as it chooses, which if that is not exclusively output from FB3 can wreak havoc. It trashes .svn directories on each build. It deletes files it did not generate. The safest option is to use an output directory that is exclusively for FB3 and then have a script that "deploys" the artifacts to the real location for use or turnover to SVN. At this point do not mix content with the output of FB3.
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                    Gaurav J Adobe Employee
                    Clean is supposed to delete everything from the output folder of the project. You need to do a build after clean or select the check box to start build automatically.

                    In the clean dialog there should be a check box for "Start build immediately", can you please make sure that it is checked?

                    Let me know if it doesn't resolve the issue.

                    Gaurav Jain
                    Flex SDK Team
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                      tinylion_uk Level 2

                      That's as it should be.

                      you seem to have 'auto build' set in the clean dialog.

                      clicking 'clean', is possessed to delete the contents of your output folder.

                      if you then have an error in a build, the build will not complete, so your files are not recreated.

                      i find it best not to have 'auto build' checked in the clean dialog. In fact, I don't use the auto build at all. I tend to make changes as required, then manually build. This stop errors being reported each time I save a file. As often changes i make to one file will cause a second to throw an error. building manually, just allows you to make all your required changes, then build when needed.