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    How to generate shot numbers (animatics).

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      I'm a stop motion animator working on the final touches on an animatic.

      I would like to generate a number counter on my screen that counts the shots. Somewhat like timecode but the count is shot based; unlike the linear nature of timecode. It would be great to generate it in a format I can easily change incase there are any last minute edits before locking the picture.

      I'm a cloud member and have access to all of Adobe's software.


      I was creating each number individually but there must be a better more efficient way of doing this.

      I was thinking of creating pngs in Ps for each number and importing an entire numbered folder into Pr.

      This way I can use the same numbers on other projects.

      Thoughts? Suggestions? I'd love to streamline this if possible.


      Thanks in advance!


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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          I can't think of any easier approach in Premiere

          than what you have already described using the Titler.

          It'll be laborious to initially create your shot numbers,

          but once they're done, you can easily re-use them in the future.


          Is it an option to add the shot numbers to the animatic

          frames before you bring them into Premiere?

          I was thinking of creating pngs...

          This way I can use the same numbers on other projects.

          You can do this with the shot numbers

          you create in Premiere with the Titler.


          Save a new Premiere Project that only consists of the

          shot number titles, and you can import that Project

          into future Projects for re-use.


          Also, with a title selected in the Project Panel you can use:

          File > Export > Title...

          and save them individually to disk.

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            MonkeyGuy Level 1

            It would be much faster in After Effects.

            Just create a text layer, create a key on the "Source Text" and change the number at the start of each shot.