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    Dynamically created field inside a flowed subform



      I am working on a form that has a drop-down field that lists the 12 months of the year.

      Once the user picks a month, another drop-down field that's invisible by default [called wDay] is made visible and filled with the day numbers of the selected month [eg. 1..30 for April, etc]

      The wDay field is part of a flowed subform. My problem is that when the user adds a new instance of the subform, the vDay field does not show [all other fields in the subform do].

      I assume the program flows the subform as it was laid out when the form was activated. My question is, is there a way to flow the "updated" subform? [with the visible wDay field included]

      Hope my explanation made sense. Many thanks in advance for your assistance!.