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    AE crash after importing premiere sequence with trimmed r3ds. (Bug report)


      (all tested in premiere and AE cs6, up to date from creative cloud) Hello, I have RED footage raw as r3ds, that I have edited in premiere. If I try to send that to after effects in premiere, or if I try to import the sequence directly through AE, The machine continually locks up over and over again until I close out the application. I have figured out potentially what is wrong and I have figured out an annoying work around.


      I believe what the problem is, is that after effects is having a hard time reading the renamed and trimmed r3d clip. Point being, if I hit caps lock disabling preview, I can right click on the RED footage that was imported from premiere, and reveal in explorer (or finder for Mac, and yes, I have tested this on both OS) Then drag the original footage back into after effects, and then alt drag and replace the footage that is trimmed in the AE sequence, and lastly delete the premiere versions of the RED clips, then I can use it just fine. No more lagging, all is well.


      This is a huge pain in the butt...Can this bug PLEASE be looked into for AE CC or Premiere CC whichever is causing the problem. It is very useful to cut in premiere and keylight/ special effects in AE. But this workaround is quite a time saver.



      Can anyone else confirm this issue? I hgave confirmed it on a mac and a PC of cs6.


      And if anyone has an easier workaround, that would also be appreciated, although, this was the quickest work around I could come up with.


      Thanks Adobe! Love your tools!