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    Javascript code for setting output file name of emailed form in Livecycle


      I was given a task of creating a new form with livecycle. I have no knowledge of javascripting so I am struggling with one of the things I am trying to get this form to do. The overview of this form is people around my company fill out this form then hit a button to email the completed form to me. I was able to accomplish part of this task by using the following code within an up mouse event script on a button.


      oDoc = event.target;


      cTo: ********@******.com,

      cSubject: "IB Update Request - Instance" + IBInstance.rawValue,




      This takes the form and emails it to me with the data from the field called "IBinstance" in the subject line which is what I want but the file name attached to the email is garbage. presently is says "newupdateform.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro.pdf"

      What I would like is some javascript code that I can take the data from the field called "IBinstance" and use it as the name of the file being sent in. Is there a simple code that i can put in this event to allow me to do this?

      Thank you