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    Maximum Form Size/Length


      I have spent the past 4 days creating a new form. I am building my police department's background investigation packet with FormsCentral. It is, as you can imagine, a very lengthy form. I am on page 13/28 and received a warning saying that I have reached the maximum number of fields allowed (500). This terrifies me, honestly. I will be purchasing the subscription and expected to be able to complete this form. Is there no way to complete this form? Is there an option to upgrade to make this happen?




      Sean Canady

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee


             500 fields is the limit on fields allowed at all subscription levels.  You can, with a subscription, split your form into 2 or 3 separate forms that link to each other.  Hope this helps.


          -Jeff Canepa

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            spcanady Level 1

            Excellent. I'll take whatever I can get to get this form online on off paper!



            Thanks for the quick response! 


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              spcanady Level 1

              I've searched on the forums prior to asking this, but how can I link one form to another? Can I use an image and link directly to the other form using it's URL?

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                Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                Depends what you mean by "link forms".


                If you want them to fill out another form when they are done with one (after they submit) you can look at the redirect feature. This feature is only available for web forms (HTML forms) and not PDF forms.


                Look under the Options Tab > Redirect URL

                Choose the Redirect to a new website

                Type the link of the next form to fill




                Now the two forms won't be 'linked' together as in you won't have all the data in one big table or know which row from one table is associated with which row of the other table. You can ask for some identification (name or email) to make the connection between the two tables yourself.


                You can't add a link to an image in FormsCentral but you can add a link to text. Add a Formatted Text element and either Right-Click > Insert link... or use the Insert > Link... menu located in the top right corner of the FormsCentral.


                Hope this helps


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                  spcanady Level 1

                  Then my overall problem remains! Ugh.


                  I have a very large background investigation packet that I'm putting together. My police department has had it in paper form forever but now they want it digital. I selected FormsCentral for this task. I am disappointed that it doesn't support something of this size (28 pages), especially with a paid subscription. I ceated the first part of it and exported it to a PDF. I then tried to edit the PDF in an attempt to add part 2 to it but the edit ability in Acrobat 9 Pro that my department has is not allowed on the exported form.


                  Do you have any suggestions for me?

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                    Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                    I'm curious to see what this paper form look like now. Do you have to fill out the whole form every time?


                    The only thing I can proposed to you is this:


                    Create a big PDF with all the forms you created in FormsCentral (I can teach you how). This big PDF won't submit to FormsCentral but you can add a button to this PDF from Acrobat to submit the filled out PDF to some email address that you manage. You can export the data of those PDF to an excel spreadsheet if needed.


                    Would that be a good solution for you? If so I'll send you instructions on how to generate PDFs from FormsCentral without a submit button, merge those PDFs in Acrobat and add you own submit button.



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                      spcanady Level 1



                      It is approx. 25 pages, 8.5x11. It is a very lengthy, detailed background packet. We use it for potential new-hires that have successfully completed a written and physical exam. I would post pictures but that would violate departmental policy. Each candidate would fill this out once and once only.


                      Like I said earlier, I would rather provide each candidate with a link to a downloadable PDF anyway. When I attempted to edit the exported PDF it wouldn't allow me to edit it locally. I would love to see those instructions you mentioned! Will you need my email address or can you provide a link here?


                      Thanks so much for you quick, professional responses!


                      -Sean C.

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                        Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                        1) Save your (partial) forms as a PDF without a submit button

                        - Open each form in FormsCentral

                        - For each form : File > Save as PDF Form...

                        - Click on the "Don't Collect Responses" button

                        - Save each PDF file on your system


                        2) Remove the Reader Extension Rights from the PDF (so that you can modify the PDF in Acrobat)

                        - Open each PDF in Acrobat

                        - For each of the PDF : File > Save a Copy...

                        - Save the PDF copy without the reader rights on your system

                        ** hope this is available in Acrobat 9. If this menu is not available let me know


                        3) Combine the PDF forms together



                        4) Add a submit button to the final big PDF

                        - I don't have access Acrobat 9 right now but here is a video on how to do it in Acrobat X. Hopefully it is similar enough



                        5) Save with Reader Extended Rights

                        - See http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/reader-enabling-a-pdf-form-for-saving-user-entered-data


                        ...maybe try to combine 2 files first and see if it does what you want. If so then create the PDF with all your files.



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                          spcanady Level 1

                          Great Gen!! I can't thank you enough! This should work perfectly!


                          Have a great day!    

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                            spcanady Level 1

                            File > Save a Copy... is not available in Acrobat 9.

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                              Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

                              Can you let me know what options you have under the File menu.

                              Sorry Acrobat 9 is a bit old and don't have it installed on any of my machines.


                              You might be able to ask the Acrobat Form's Forum as to how to remove Reader Exteded Rights using Acrobat 9




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                                spcanady Level 1



                                Here is a screenshot. I'll go ahead and browse the Acrobat forums too unless you have a quick answer.



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                                  spcanady Level 1

                                  Ok, in Acrobat 9, File > Save a Copy will automatically remove the reader extended rights. Then under the "Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader..."


                                  Thanks again for your quick, helpful responses, Genevieve!