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    Stage 3D(Away3D) slow at fullscreen high resolutions. Any recommendations?


      I'm developing something in Away3D. My recommended settings of my video card is 1600x1200 and that is what I am developing at.



      Stage 3D is hitting 8-12 fps at 1600x1200 resolution.


      If I set the resolution to anything else, then it runs faster. It seems that the lower the resolution the better the performance.


      Changing the stage.fullScreenSourceRect to a lower resolution like this increases performance.

      stage.fullScreenSourceRect = new Rectangle(0, 0, 1360, 768);


      And so does changing the system display resolutions.



      What are the recommended solutions for building fullscreen Stage3D apps?

           Force low resolution by changing windows resolution using an external c# developed console app?

           Explain to the user that recommended resolutions for the application are ....?

           Don't fullscreen it and run it at a specific resolution?


      What would be the recommeded resolution to target?


      Any suggestions?