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    AV Sync Issues with M2T and MOV


      I'm working with M2T files from a video conference camera recorded on a DataVideo DN-400. I wanted to pull the audio from the M2T file and join it to MOV files I recorded on a Nikon D7000 set at 720p30.


      The DataVideo file has similar settings, but the video is VBR.


      When i work with the M2T in Premiere, I have two problems.

      - Bad AV sync in the M2T file. Thisa doesn't matter if I throw out the video.

      - The two sources play at different rates. The DataVideo audio falls behind at a constant rate, around 4 frames a minute.


      I can set the DataVideo device to record raw DV, but I can't make out from the device manual whether the video would be CBR, assuming that is the problem.


      I'm happy to take any advice on solutions, though I know the most convenient one would be to sidestep these video cam recordings altogether.