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    Flash Player for both IE and Firefox

      Should I be able to install Flash Player just once in IE and have it also work in Firefox without reinstalling it? I ask more for the customer experience on my website than for myself. My software requires them to run in Firefox and I have a flash banner. It looks like Flash Player 9,0,47,0 should work with both browsers, right?

      What I found is that although my flash banner displays properly in IE, it displays a message in Firefox that says you need to install Flash Player.

      Now I particularly get this on one of my test machines that is a little older - a Pentium III notebook but still running XP Pro. I noticed it had Flash Player 8,0,22,0 installed. When I try to install the latest Flash Player on this computer, it indicated it was installing 9,0,47,0, but when it was done the version was still 8,0,22,0, and Firefox still displays the message saying I need to install Flash Player.

      Although I would rather spare my customers from having to make a special install of Flash Player for their Firefox browser, I tried that too and altho it said it successfully installed version 8,0,22,0 it still didn't work.

      Any suggestions?