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    Expanding Hotspots Missing First Word; Some Portions of Topics Show Only the Search Text




      I'm using RoboHelp version 9.02 on my Windows 7 64-bit computer to generate a WebHelp project. When I preview the output stored on my hard drive, everything looks normal. Likewise, when I view the latest build in the product, everything looks normal to me and several other users. However, a client and two other people in my company are seeing unusual things in the topics. As far as they know, the issues just began after our last major release. I checked to make sure they were following our Technical Requirements document (to make sure they were using supported browsers, etc.), and they checked their settings and are following all guidelines. Here is what they are seeing:


      Issue 1) When they initially open a topic that uses expanding hotspots for the field definitions, none of the field names appear on the page. (Background info: We list all of the field names on the page, and then use expanding hotspots to hold the full definitions.) These users do not see the list of fields on the page. They just see the topic title, an introductory note, and a button we created to expand all of the field definitions. When these users click the Expand All Field Definitions button (that normally expands all of the hotspots so that users see all of the field names along with their definitions), they see just the definitions without the field names. Something must be wrong with how the hotspots are set up, but it looks normal to several of us in the build, and they used to work fine for these other users until recently.


      Issue 2) When these same users perform a search (for example, on the word "accounting"), there are places in the topics where the term "accounting" is the only word that shows up. They can see the title, introductory text, etc. but some of the step-by-step instructions and/or bullet points in the topic show *only* the search term they entered and no other surrounding text.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated!