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    Create symbol from "scratch"

    shadowfax007 Level 1

      Hello all!


      I've been busy and haven't checked in here for awhile - I guess for me that's good :-)


      I've got a question that I know I'm not the only one and was wondering what others do...


      I have a stage with everything on it I want, including 6 buttons.  Now I want to create "symbols" that each button will call.  Is there a "correct" way to do this?


      I know I could add a small rectangle off stage, create a symbol from it and then remove it from the stage and create what I want.


      Is there a better way?


      Just curious :-)



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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hey James,

          You can also create symbols and then export them and reuse them in other compositions.


          I usually create all my symbol elements, right-click on all the divs and then convert to symbol. then, if it is something I think I could reuse somewhere else, I export it.


          But different people have different ways of doing things.