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    Software Issues with Ps

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      First, do adobe products get updated automtically through the harddrive? Do I get push notifications like Apple? I have CS5 and don't remember having any software updates. Do I need to scroll through each and and product? Let's certainly hope not


      I am having issues with Photoshop Primarily. I updated my Mac OSX to Mountain Lion. After reading through other issues it appeared to be an issue with Lion. However, talking to support the fixes we made only solved the issue for maybe on application. As soon as I hung up the phone there they were.


      It started with:


      1) Photoshop brush lossing the mouse cursor. When I am painting and go to change something (a control, size, ect) I can no longer do it. I have to tab to another application.


      2) My most recent one, which is the main issue is my usage of the Wacom tablet. I have been using it with no issues but now my scroll wheel won't change the brush size. SPORADICALLY. I worked for 5 hours this morning with no issues then bam it won't adjust anything. Yet, my scroll and zoom function perfectly well. When this issue happens it does something to photoshop because I lose my mouse and have to restart the entire application.


      Issue number 2 started about a week ago, which does not coincide with Lion, but they do make updates so who knows.....


      I am not sure where to start here. I sent an email to wacom incase it was a hardware issue, but need to check Photoshop. The only alternative is paying the Mac gurus to look at Lion.