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    Trouble with Adobe article on external XML in Flash Lite

    OttoTotto Level 1

      I went through that article, and have mixed results. It's very sketchy. Has anyone encountered this stuff before, or has time to try the tutorial themselves?

      1. I modified the code in the article to fit my Flash Lite app. First run on my device, it all works. The device prompts "Allow Network Access", I press Yes, then Play (to actually run the SWF). Data successfully gets displayed, but only after like 10 seconds into the Flash (it suddenly pops up). Does it really take that long to download 50 bytes? Even on a mobile? Is there a way to speed things up, bypass things, or whatever? I suppose have a loading screen at the start of the Flash to get everything downloaded then go into the main area of the Flash.

      2. On consecutive runs of the SWF, after that first run, the network access prompt does not come up, and also I get no saved data displayed (the article code uses a share object that is supposed to store previous data). And the Update softkey crashes the Flash and returns the device back to the phone mainscreen. When the crash happens, for a split second I can see the network access prompt was actually there, running underneath the Flash. Maybe for whatever reason, the SWF wasn't put on hold for the user to go through the prompt? And this could also be why the Update softkey can't work properly and crash the app. Also, why did no old data get displayed, do shared objects not work properly with the Flash Lite player?

      I also tried the original article SWF on my device, simply edited with URL's to the XML files (worked in my own app, on first run). On first-run, the Adobe SWF couldn't even load the data from the web server (whereas my Flash could).

      In both cases, my app... and the article app, the network access, data display, and Updating via the softkey WORKED FINE IN THE EMULATOR. What didn't work in the emulator was the pulling up of old data from the share object. I guess it's not setup for that (each run of the emulator is fresh probably).

      Anyhow, this was my first attempt at network data in Flash Lite, and I had dreams in my sleep of getting near instant response because I only needed like max 40 bytes to be transferred....... but with all these prompts, 10 seconds of downloading, and sketchyness... it makes my app pretty un-useful. Oh well it still has cool factor, but geeeeeeez......

      My device: Nokia 6300, supports up to Flash Lite 2.0 as far as I know.
      Using Flash CS3.