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    Burning DVD's in Premiere Elements


      Is it possible, or necessary to make DVD's in different formats eg .wmv in Premiere Elements?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?


          I am not sure that I am understanding your question, but I will generalize and then let us see if we can find what you are looking for.


          Latest versions of Premiere Elements offer burn to disc from within the program for

          a. DVD-VIDEO format on a DVD disc

          b. Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc

          c. AVCHD format on DVD disc


          Those burn to's come with presets which are non adjustable.


          The terms "DVD" and "DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc" are often used interchangably. But they are not the same. If you are referring to burning a wmv file to a DVD disc as a Data Disc from within Premiere Elements the answer is No. You can import or export a .wmv file. If you want to put that on a disc as a .wmv then you do that with a 3rd party software. Remember DVD is a disc type while DVD-VIDEO is a format with a unique folders/file structure on a DVD disc with a defined file system.


          Let us start here to focus in on getting you the information that you seek.


          Looking forward to your follow up.





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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            A DVD is one, specific format... put a commercial DVD in your computer drive... and, after you exit out of autoplay... use Windows Explorer to look at what is on the DVD


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              mcguigan@bigpond.net.au Level 1

              I am using Windows 7, Premiere Elements 10.  I used "Share" and selected DVD option.  I am using DVD-R disks.  It seemed to burn OK but my DVD player on my TV system didn't recognise it.I tried changing format from .prel but couldn't.  What format does Share use that is recognisable elsewhere?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                I was just about to call it a day when I say your post and thought that I would leave you some comments that we can pursue in the light of day.


                When you put your media on the Timeline and you get to Share/Disc/DVD disc, what you have on the Timeline is converted to a DVD-VIDEO format on DVD disc (it is a standardized format). That format should play back on your TV/DVD Player.


                1. Take the DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc that you have produced and put it into the DVD burner tray. Open the drive to inspect the contents of the disc. You should find two folders, one named OpenDVD and the other named VIDEO_TS. In the VIDEO_TS Folder are folders and files that characterize the format.


                2. What brand and type disc did you use for the burn to DVD in Premiere Elements? And what are the specifications of the DVD player that you used for the playback. These players have specifications for DVD-VIDEO format but also for the type of DVD disc that the DVD-VIDEO format is on.


                3. If you cannot play back you DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc with the TV DVD Player, can you get its playback on the computer?


                Let us start here and then decide what next.