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    why am i getting missing video filters ?

    BMG Media

      I recently purchased some final impact.net plugins pk 1 and 2, after messing around and reading their instructions, i got pk 1 to work and appear in premiere pro, pk 2 turns out i have to upgrade my card and thats fine. My problem is I have a lot of red giant effects , which are great and work brillantly, however in order to get final impacts effects to work they suggested i hold down shift while booting premiere to rebuild the plugin cache. After this final impact plugins worked and appeared but half my red giant stuff was gone. Now I am getting a zillion missing video filter errors:


      Video Filter missing:  AE.MB LookSuite3

      Video Filter missing:  AE.Magic Bullet MisFire Gate Weave

      Video Filter missing:  AE.Magic Bullet MisFire Splotches

      Video Filter missing:  AE.NWBL Psycho Strobe

      on all my projects. Yet the plugins are in the media core folder ? If I open premiere 5.5 they are all there but if i open premiere 6 projects, which all my projects are now, i am getting missing filter errors everywhere ? Anyone have any ideas, I have tried numerous installs to no avail ? any ideas greatly appreciated as I am now turning into the hulk.