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    Mocha error

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hi Rick and all..LOL

      Question about footage for import and error from Mocha. (What is the best format to export from  PP for AE to use in Mocha, keeping best lossless resolution?)


      My footage is AVCHD P30fps  1920x1080.


      I import that footage into Prem Pro. The sequence asks if I want to change the footage or the sequence to match footage. I pick match footage. I export it using the Uncompressed from Drop Down dialogue box...Check match footage settings at the top. Prem Pro spits out an MPEG.


      Import MPEG (see pic)




      Drop in Comp icon:








      AE opens file  fine,comp setAE.PNG


      double click it to send over to Mocha and get this error.


      Mocha Import.PNG



      Note the Pixel aspect is weird,  it should be a 1, I tried both. Mocha's choice (nan) and manually typing in (1). Typing in 1 gives me a white screen, while leaving the nan---

      I then get this error





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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          The best place to ask for help with mocha is the mocha forum:


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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            AVCHD footage for the most part is not compatible with Mocha. Re render your footage as a JPEG, Photo Jpeg, or JPEG 2000 QuickTime file and try that.

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              Netcommercial Level 1

              Thanks Rick.  Those are the best for uncompressed lossless export out of PPro?


              I was reading over at imagineer -Thanks Todd. However there was a problem with my activation of user name I created last month the 28th.,,? I sent CS a ticket.


              Anyways, Mocha can usually decode what a Quciktime can..However I want to hang on to the best lossless clarity I can...As you mentioned Rick, I want un taited footage for a good track over there... Hence the question here about best lossless?

              Thanks again


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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If your camera original footage can be read by Mocha then use that or transcode your footage to any production codec you regularly use in your production workflow. Most of my work on a Mac is transcoded to ProRez 444. Some is transcoded to Jpeg 2000. Work for clients is transdoced to there specifications and that can range from using BlackMagic, Avid, or Image sequences. Anything that uses MPEG compression is not suitable for a production workflow unless it's camera original.


                If your camera original is AVCHD then do not try to render back to this highly compressed but suitable for original footage codec. If your production workflow dictates that you re-render your footage before working on it then setup a standard production workflow that works for your projects. Pick a format that Premiere Pro can playback in real time that has the highest bit depth and best performance for your system. That choice is entirely up to you but the options depend on your system's OS and data rate capabilities.

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                  Netcommercial Level 1

                  Thanks Rick, appreciate that. I was looking for a resource to get a better understanding of that. I have yet to find one. The stuff I found was videos like "there is no wrong output, there are many, pending on your final desired media player"


                  You stated: "If your camera original is AVCHD then do not try to render back to this highly compressed but suitable for original footage codec." Are you stating that Mocha and AE will open that? I could not get Mocha to open it, when I did this workflow. AVCHD .mts file into Prem Pro(keep footage settings in sequence) for rough edit. Save file. Import Prem Pro (with sequence matching footage)  into AE. AE opens fine but Mocha gives me a white screen. Which I read over at Imagineer Forum that means no match on the codec.


                  I would like to find a resource that will better explain codec/import using Prem Pro>AE>Mocha>Prem Pro> Media desired.

                  Although most of my stuff is for web thus far, I will be doing a short for a festival soon. I do not want to lose clarity due to workflow...Some links or advice will be welcomed.


                  My W.S:

                  Win7 Pro srvc Pk1 OS- Edit- (64bit)

                  With a 6 core Intel 37750k Cpu

                  Nvidia Quadro 4000 Gpu

                  16gb Ram

                  2 SSD's C&G/scratch drives

                  Then Hdd for storage

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                    Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    There are as many workflows as there are users. I'd start with something simple like using QuickTime JPEG2000 if you need transparency or QuickTimePNG. I'd go with something like ProRez if you have a Mac or BlackMagic 10 bit (free for both Mac or Windows). If all else fails just render a QuickTime Animation Codec. It will work anywhere but it will not playback smoothly unless your system is very powerful and you have very fast drive arrays.


                    I'd use the Adobe Media Encoder to do the final render for your deliverables. That's what Premiere Pro uses when you either Cue a sequence or Export one. AME can also use AE projects. Just save the project then add it to the AME and pick the comp you want to render. Just use one of the presets. The most common deliverables are YouTube and Vimeo H.264 presets. Just pick one that works for you and stick with it.