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    SEO plugin for Dreamweaver

    dwdivazona Level 1

      Does a good SEO plugin exist for Dreamweaver? I noticed that Wordpress offers an all-in-one SEO plugin that supposedly makes the meta data and such a breeze to do and I wondered if there is such a thing for Dreamweaver since that is the program I like to create my sites in (only because I haven't figured out how to build a custom theme in Wordpress yet). I did a google search and found "Rapid SEO" from Blumenthals software - don't know if it is reputable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          David Kroj

          Good Question but wordpress is a CMS platfrom for website and dreamweaver a just a tool for web desinging which helps to make a good design for website. CMS can allow to many option by default for our clients. But in dreamviewer you can right  a format of meta tag but there is not any other way for meta tag plugin. According your post you have good experinace wordpress. Thanks



          David Kroj


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            MurraySummers Level 8

            No such plugin (other than your brain) exists for DW. And, the plugins for Wordpress still require that you have the same knowledge that you would need in DW.


            There's no easy button....

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              David Kroj Level 1




              David Kroj


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                Preran Adobe Employee

                Hi David,


                The way I look at it, SEO is better achieved through your content than through a plug-in, content that is well-researched and written with SEO principles in mind. Other things like ensuring that your URL has the correct keywords and promoting your content on the appropriate channels help boost your results. As your content keeps getting popular, it will move up the search engine rankings. There are many well researched articles for SEO on the Internet that are available for free that could help you in your mission.


                The other route is to pay the search engine provider, but I have never explored that route.




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                  dwdivazona Level 1

                  MurraySummers wrote:


                  There's no easy button....




                  Thanks everyone for your help. I have some research to do!

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                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Start with these links:


                    Google's SEO Starter Guide



                    High  Rankings Advisor



                    SEOMoz.org - Beginner's Guide to SEO (1-page html)



                    SEO Chat



                    Sign up for a free Google Webmasters account and use the tools.





                    Nancy O.

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                      I would be open to building one, is there a market for it, I just started using Adobe again instead of freeware so I am not sure what the market for it is.

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                        BenPleysier Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Blumentals is ranked 86,230 in the United Kingdom. 'Blumentals Software - HTML editor, PHP editor, GIF animator, SEO software, menu maker, screensaver software.'

                        So much for SEO software.


                        There are very few rules to SEO, the main ones being

                        • Create unique, accurate page titles
                        • Make use of the "description" meta tag
                        • Improving Site Structure
                        • Optimizing Content


                        Others include dealing with crawlers, SEO for mobile phones (if the site is different to the desktop version) and promotions and analysis like in Google.

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                          Levyimage Level 1

                          I get paid by local companies in Las Vegas to get them on the first page of Google for their local keyword phrases. And I don't use DW much expect for my own custom design projects or to edit an existing plugin/theme/etc. But in my opinion, there SHOULD be an addon for dreamweaver similiar to what the SEO plugin by YOAST does to check:


                          1. Did you properly use your main keyword in your page url (file name), title, heading, description, meta data, density percentage, etc? Because sometimes we miss things.
                          2. Does your written content place high (easy reading) in Flesch reading score, not all of us are english majors or good with gramar and newspaper editing? And not every client has a writter, many times you'll be the contractor to either find a writter or write content yourself for your client on top of site design/SEO/SMM work.
                          3. Did you use at least one image with proper meta practices and file naming to match your target keyword? Sometimes this is easy to miss.
                          4. Did you use your headings properly? Not evenone who designs knows proper standard SEO formats.. it's rather shocking. Is page title under 70 characters? Did you use all relevant updated meta data options to maximize customization for social media sharing of that page?
                          5. Is your main written content on the page atleast 550+ words?
                          6. Do you have atleast one outbound link and what is the SERP quality and authority of that outbound link?
                          7. What is the KEI (keyword effectiveness index) score of your main keyword and what are some possible lucrative alternatives to main keyword?


                          You can add some more features to this but THIS kind of stuff goes HAND in HAND for client needs with web design and it SHOULD be included in DW in my opinion. But at the very least, an addon tool that does all this would save a tremendous of time for developers starting from scratch, would likely improve production quality, and lower costs for everyone involved except the intiatial cost to develop the addon.


                          I don't get why people see integrated SEO tools as a bad thing... and even more ridiculous... why doesn't Dreamweaver have a built CSS compressor/beutifier so that we can easily go from readable CSS to production CSS and vis versa all from within DW? Or even a JS compressor/combiner/beutifier as well?


                          ..... really is dissapointing to have to use a plethora of different software tools when a software giant such as Adobe could (without much effort) add in more features like this to make life easier. It's kind of like a common sense thing that's totally overlooked.. and it's not just with DW either... premiere is missing some key features as well for editing increasingly common modern video footage (eg VFR).


                          Don't get me wrong, love Adobe software, but thinking outside the box doesn't just mean new innovations, it means adding fuctionality to improve production quality by means not currently in the norm of your production or others.

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                            TechLoverHD Level 1

                            Well, everyone said it all. You should not expect any SEO plugin for Dreamweaver as it is not a CMS like Wordpress.


                            First you should create a site with Wordpress, then you can install various SEO plugins and apply various techniques. You still will be able to create and edit your site's design with Dreamweaver.

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                              I hope it will exist in the future a SEO plugin. Its big minus over wordpress.


                              Mindrinos Dimitris

                              Photographer & Art Designer

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                                Levyimage Level 1

                                Hmmm.... wordpress or any other CMS vs STRAIGHT HTML and JS.... which do you think loads faster? I'd opt (unless site needs to be easily client editable) to use regular HTML, CSS, and JS over any CMS BECAUSE every CMS minus a few micro-CMS use a database server and queries take away from load time no matter what you do short of making static copies for access. Which is where something like Dreamweaver or MUSE (which I still hate at this point) comes in... however... coding from stratch takes FOREVER... a "good" practice SEO formatter addon for DW would be a good idea.. but in any event... no matter how much theory people here try to spout onto the thread... it comes down to saving the developer time and increasing productivity... anything that argues against that is a waste of time.

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                                  Rob Hecker2 Most Valuable Participant

                                  I'd opt (unless site needs to be easily client editable) to use regular HTML. . .


                                  Clients do want to have their own staff edit content, especially when content changes frequently.


                                  Other advantages of a CMS are easier management of very large websites and automation. By automation, I mean that you can enter information in one place in the CMS editor and it is distributed throughout the website in all the right places, formatted the right way.


                                  PHP and MySQL run extremely fast on a good server, even when there are dozens of queries per page. It is also easy to speed up a site with output buffering. Even a modest amount of javascript can slow down a page load a great deal more than hundreds of lines of PHP.

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                                    Levyimage Level 1

                                    Yea but there's no reason I would use DW for CMS other than to quickly edit WP plugins or content I couldn't change otherwise.

                                    For full site making from scratch with DW, the only logical route for cost benefit over time spent developing is straight HTML/CSS/JS.

                                    Which is my I think DW and MUSE need addons or feature additions to save time.

                                    For the most part, for clients, I always recommend WP or lightweight CMS options, but for my own few page websites for ideas, I'd rather have an effective HTML/CSS/JS option that has all the tools I've come to love in CMS management to save myself tons of time.

                                    EG Visual Composer, SEO by Yoast, etc etc... having something like that for a HTML/CSS/JS only workflow would be fantastic... which I believe is what the OP is really getting at.

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                                      Hey Preran as its been a few years i was wondering anything has changed


                                      Thanks Hayden

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                                        Preran Adobe Employee

                                        I don't think the team intends to develop a SEO plug-in any time in the future. Like the experts have said above, SEO is best achieved through content than through plug-ins.




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                                          What is the equivalent to an SEO plugin using just html and css?

                                          I want more traffic to my website www.dynamicleads.co.uk which incidentally actually helps once you have got traffic and identifies that traffic into a lead!

                                          But I see yoast works so there must be a way of replicating that outside of wordpress?





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                                            Rob Hecker2 Most Valuable Participant

                                            What is the equivalent to an SEO plugin using just html and css?


                                            Take one or two inexpensive online courses on SEO, for instance at Lynda.com, and you won't need a plug-in like Yoast. All the things Yoast does are mindlessly simple to do all by yourself, without it. Even with Yoast, your most important SEO tool is your own brain.

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