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    When relinking an offline video clip my audio doesn't come with...


      I am working on a project for work and have never had this issue before.  The client had a delay in the progression of the project so the media was sitting in my computer for about 2 months untouched.  Today when I came back to start again a lot of my media had went offline.......No problem.  Have dealt with media going offline way more than I would like.  Except this time when linking the clip back to its original file (which btw has not moved since the creation of this project) an error messaged popped up saying....The selected file does not contain audio media used by clip references in one or more sequences. These audio clip references will be deleted, and cannot be undone.  Do you want to continue?....... and like an idiot thinking I would be able to manage the situation clicked OK.  Now I have relinked my video to my clips but all of the audio is missing.  And when i mean all audio...there is no audio in the source monitor, and no reference clips where the clips are used in my timeline.  Also, I ave tried to reimport the original clips back into the editor but still nothing.



      Sorry about the length of this post. I am just trying to be as descriptive as possible.



      Please help someone.