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    Can't Import Video into Flash Pro CS5

    mojokk Level 1

      I can’t import video into Flash CS5 Professional.  I have been trying all sorts of things for days with no luck. I have used Adobe Media Encoder to convert a video clip to a format that can be imported into Flash. My source has been a VOB (it is a Pal Source) I have been using match source presets and tried others also.  I believe I have successfully converted the video to both FLV and F4V formats.  They play fine with Adobe Media Player.  However, when I try to import them (File-Import-Open External Library (Get the wizard screen), click browse on your computer option, select the file, hit load external video with playback component, and then hit continue, and then hit continue on the next screen after selecting the default skin and hitting continue on the next page and then finish on the next page, I get the error on the output tab in Flash that says: “NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound : Adobe Flash tried to play a live or recorded stream that does not exist. Source can't be found.”  No matter what I try I get the same message.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   I have searched all over the web for a solution to this issue with no avail.