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    Flash Player 9 on linux - XMLSocket.connect doesn't work

      Hello all,
      We have flash application that working as a standalone application, it communicate with another process on the same machine using XMLSocket. the additional process is written in Java.
      we're trying to migrate the application to Fedora Linux. in the XP once your run the flash application (using SWF) u get a security message that tells you that flash try to connect to an network address it was not loaded from. throw the flash global setting page u can allow the SWF access to the internet and then it work: the Flash establish connection to the Java application.
      But in linux we don't get the security dialog and trace messages I print shows that the following line get executed: XMLSocket.connect("localhost",12227);
      but we never get this event:
      XMLSocket.onConnect = function(isConnected) {

      What's wrong???

      help will be appreciated
      tnx In advanced,