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    My (potential) World of Pain --- what would you do?


      I have also posted this in the Creative Cow forums -- apologies if you read both forums and see this twice, but I wanted to make sure I hit both forums.


      I am starting to edit a project that will mix footage from Red Epic, Blackmagic Camera & Pana AF100. Delivery will be a 1080P master for web and an MPG master for DVD.


      My question is two-fold -- part one:


      This is my first time working with R3D files. My plan is to create a 1080 sequence and "scale to fit" the Red clips into the timeline. I have already tried this and it works fine. I need to play back the files at 1/4 for smooth playback, but everything works so far. Is this the best possible way of working with this footage? If you were to edit all of these files together - is this way you would do it? I want to make sure I am setting myself up to work the quickest and most efficient way possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated from folks who've already done this.


      Part 2:


      Once I get everything edited, I want to color grade the final. Previously, I would use Colorista + MB Looks. I can always go that route, but I'd like to try something different - especially since I have the flexibility of the R3D files. I've been playing with the files in Resolve and getting amazing results, but everything I am reading about round-trip work with Premiere is scaring me, specifically if your edit contains more than just straight cuts & dissolves. Speedgrade (as it currently works) is a nightmare. If any of you have used the newer version due to drop sometime this month, can you weigh in on if you think it will be a viable option. Obviously, if Speedgrade becomes more user-friendly, it would be great to stay in the Adobe ecosystem.


      Ok - sorry for the length of this post, but I believe in asking for advice before making mistakes. =)

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I'd go the same route you are for editing.  The AF100's 1080 footage is sort of the 'lowest common denominator' that must be accommodated.


          I'm rather looking forward to seeing how well the Lumetri engine works inside of PP myself.  Between that and Adjustment Layers, you should be able to get a whole lot done right in PP.

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            EdanCo Level 1

            I was given advice from a knowledgeable editor to transcode the R3D footage to DNxHD (I'm on a PC) and forgo mixing various resolutions, etc in the timeline. My workstation isn't the beefiest, but it's certainly capable, so I took his advice. Currently transcoding tons of R3Ds through Prelude and AME. I'm sort of relieved to not be working with raw 5K. =)


            As for grading - I'll have to wait till June 17th to try out all the new features -- I'll post an update here as to how I am getting along.