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    superimpose mouth several times in one track?



      I'm just learning animation and lip sync techniques. I have an old video which has a through-composed animated person on it who is "yakking" away but not sync'ed with the song. I merely want to paste a closed mouth over the character's mouth at the end of musical phrases.


      I have all the layers in a psd and have imported it successfully and spread out the frames and I have the wav file underneath so I can see where the phrases end. I thought it would be easy to take a closed mouth from photoshop and put it on a separate track above the character. This will happen about ten times. But I can't seem to get the closed mouth to paste more than once on a track. Maybe there's another way to do this? I considered making a still shot of the closed mouth the length of the whole composition and then razor cutting it out where the mouth is NOT closed - but there is no razor.


      How can this be accomplished?




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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You really need to go through the basics. You can set a new in and out point for the layer. There can only be one in and out point for each layer so you will need a bunch of them. You can do this by dragging the end points or by setting the CTI where you want to make the cut and pressing Alt/Option +[ for in or Alt/Option + ] for out.


          You could also split the layer at the CTI (Current Time Indicator) by pressing Ctrl/Cmnd + Shift + D. 


          You could also just animate the opacity of the layer. If you want instantaneous cuts I'd suggesting using hold keyframes. If you do not know hot to enable hold keyframes then read the help files.


          Please go through the basics of AE using the link on the main page of this forum.


          AE is not a program that you can use successfully without some serious study. There are just too many options.

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            JanePeppler Level 1

            thanks Rick, that opacity trick worked. I had to use positioning to move the mouth around, too. It was fun.