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    Drop Down Menu manipulation problem


      Hi, I have a dropdown Menu code for AS2 as the follow, this code is applied to a buttonOne on stage, and the buttonOne's next frame is the menu content.** No stop(); at any frame in the button movie.


      onClipEvent(enterFrame){        // if the mouse IS over the menu ...


          if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse, true)) {     // if the menu is NOT fully open


              if (this._currentframe<this._totalframes) {


                  nextFrame();        // go to the next frame of the menu opening sequence



          } else {            // if the mouse is NOT over the menu


              if (this._currentframe>1) {               // if the menu is NOT fully closed


                  prevFrame();               // play the previous frame of the menu opening sequence




      ***on the next frame, I have  a buttonUp and a movie text1, buttonUp has code as the follow:


      on(rollOver) {

          onEnterFrame = function (){

          text1._y -=4;}    // so text1 would move up when pressed.



      on(rollOut) {

          delete this.onEnterFrame;



      ****NOW****, what I need is to make buttonOne work as a Press button instead of Rollover button, and when pressed, next frame will remain on stage even when mouse move away ( I will apply a close window button later on).


      My problem right now is, I can change the first part of the code to :



           gotoAndStop(2);  //or something like that



      while put stop();  on both frames in the movie, but then by doing this would remove the funtionality on


      onEnterFrame = function (){

          text1._y -=4;} 


      so text1 don't move at all if there is a stop(); applied to that current frame. I tried a few methods but none work, tried to search the web but all the tutorials I found are all Rollover type drop down menu.