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    How to landscape world with billboards?

    sojourner146 Level 1
      I am trying to use an image map to position billboards in a 3D world and then make them constantly face the camera as I move it around in the world. So far, I have adapted code from a tutorial on creating mazes to use with the pointAt command. Things appear tp be actually working in the Shockwave 3D Window but I get an "objected expected" error on the pointAt line of code. Everything seems correct to me when I compare it to the examples I've found - I don't understand why it doesn't work. I hope someone can explain it to me so I can get on with adapting the billboards to a hilly terrain and start moving the camera around with the arrow keys and, hopefully, start having fun with Director again rather than banging my head against the wall. Most of the code is adapted from Wll Turnage's "Creating a 3D Maze from a Picture". I have also been using MacGilliray and Head's "3D for the Web.
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          _lw Level 1
          If a object is not there and you apply code to it, you get the error "objected expected". This can happen if the world is not loaded completely. Make sure you get a "myworld.state=4" before you apply code to the objects.

          If you used clonemodelfromcastmember, it can sometimes take a moment until the model is available.