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    Mixing in Audition Exporting From Premiere Pro

    W.D.E. Level 1



      I have finished a project in PP CS6 and will now try and mix it in Audition CS6.


      I have 14 tracks, including mono and stereo files, sometimes on the same tracks. All my sound files are 24 bit or higher.


      I´m faced with 2 issues:


      1. How to create a 5.1 mix in Audition using the export feature (Edit > Edit in Adobe Audition > Sequence) if my original files are mono and stereo? When it opens in Audition it doesn´t let me create 5.1 tracks. To create a 5.1 session in Audition, the 5.1 option is selected when creating it, but in this case the export process from PP creates the session automatically.

      2. When I export the project to Audition it creates a xml file. When I click to save the project it shows it as 16 bit and doesn´t give me an option to raise that rate. How so? What is the fix?


      I´m also confused with the Audition Multitrack controls. Sometimes I create a 5.1 track and it shows the 5.1 dial on the track, sometimes it doesn´t. Are there any good tutorials to understand how that works?


      Thanks a lot.