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    Multicam cuts = nasty popping in render???


      OK, so I've been producing a TV show for national broadcast, and am new to Premiere ( nothing like using a new tool, and producing a new show all at once (oh and having a new baby too ).  Anyway,  We've cut the show with multicam and it is causing a lot of nasty pops that are in the final renders.  My normal editor of choice has been Sony Vegas Pro for a long time, and it never had this problem (it was an audio app in the beginning and so this may be why), but this company was an all mac house, and I knew premiere a little bit so that's the direction we went ( mostly used AE and PS before now ).


      So, long story short... does anyone know how to make these pops dissapear quickly?  I dread the thought of having to go through and add an audio dissolve to every single cut...  and if I do have to do that, does premiere have a way of fixing this very quickly since it is appearently introducing these pops on the cuts?


      TV show = stress, NLE creating problems for me = more stress, Deadline = coming quickly... help?


      Thanks for anyone who has a quick answer, I've done a bit of searching to no real avail...