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    drop shadow effect & psd files result in lighter colour PDF page (in RGB)


      Greetings to all,


      I'm starting a publication using CS6 and I'm facing an issue.
      My Indesign working space is set to RGB, my image files are set on phtoshop as RGB (tiff image).


      When creating a 2 page PDF, as soon as I insert a (RGB) PSD on one of the pages or create a drop shadow effect (no matter if I select a RGB colour) that particular page turns out slightly lighter than second page that doesn't have any drop shadow text effect or psd file.


      How can I solve this?


      below goes two examples of this situation, it shows a 2 page pdf file.



      This one is using dropshadow effect, there is a slight colour difference between the two pages




      If I turn off the drop shadow effect the colours on the PDF look exactly the same





      How can I solve this when working on RGB environment and exporting to PDF?