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    rejoin clips so as to apply smooth key frames



      I have windows 7. photoshop and premiere Elements 10. From a photo which has five fish in it lying flat on a table  I have created 3 new layers of one of the fish in photoshop and modified them so that the fishes tail "wags" as you look at each layer. (Tail high , tail middle and tail low). I have then created a layer underneath the fish so that as I key frame the fish in premiere elements it will swim off the photo leaving a cloned  intact table top underneath. For the fish to swim off the table I had to reproduce the 3 different images of the fish quite a few times to cover the time it took to move across the screen and still have the tail flapping..I painted the rest of the canvass green in photoshop I used photomerge to have only the fish showing on the video. .Here is the 2 questions.

      1 Can I join all these clips of the fish together so I can apply key frames to them in one go so that the fish will smoothly flow off the screen flapping its tail. (Like it has come alive on the screen)

      2 Is there an easier way to achieve this that i should know.


      I put the images from photoshop into premiere elements as I said then exported them to create a movie but when I then placed that movie back into premiere and created key framing there were sections of the outside of the frame that showed up black which wrecked the effect. I am wondering what went wrong there.

      Well that is my intro. I am ready to explain better  or add missing info, if any of you very clever and really great people can find the time to solve my little problem.

      Thanks dave