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    Auto adjust in PV 2012 results in highlight clipping


      Is there any control over the Auto adjust process in PV 2012? I'm using ACR 7.4. The Auto adjustment on the Basic panel seems too hot - by perhaps 1/2 to 2/3 f-stop (net effect on the histogram) and it usually results in a significant amount of highlight clipping. Auto adjust using PV 2010 seems more reasonable.


      For example, using the same image, here's a comparison of the Auto settings:


      PV 2012: Exposure +1.15, Contrast -9, Highlights 0, Shadows 0, Whites +41, Blacks -45

      It results in some highlight clipping.


      PV 2010: Exposure +1.10, Recovery 0, Fill 0, Black +10, Brightness 0, Contrast +35


      Thanks in advance!