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    Auto adjust in PV 2012 results in highlight clipping

    FrankMazz Level 1

      Is there any control over the Auto adjust process in PV 2012? I'm using ACR 7.4. The Auto adjustment on the Basic panel seems too hot - by perhaps 1/2 to 2/3 f-stop (net effect on the histogram) and it usually results in a significant amount of highlight clipping. Auto adjust using PV 2010 seems more reasonable.


      For example, using the same image, here's a comparison of the Auto settings:


      PV 2012: Exposure +1.15, Contrast -9, Highlights 0, Shadows 0, Whites +41, Blacks -45

      It results in some highlight clipping.


      PV 2010: Exposure +1.10, Recovery 0, Fill 0, Black +10, Brightness 0, Contrast +35


      Thanks in advance!