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    Rendering changing my effects???


      So far I haven't had much trouble with effects until recently.


      I have a particular clip that I split into 2 parts.

      The first part has Wave Warp and Tint.

      The second part has Wave Warp and Brightness/Contrast.


      I have the Wave Warp at a constant throughout both parts.


      The Tint and Brightness/Contrast however, change throughout the parts over time via keyframes.



      Everything is perfect and looks great when I play it back, until I render or export.


      What happens after rendering is my entire keyframing becomes useless and the parts remain constant colors instead of changing over time.


      The keyframes are still in place when I check the source panel, but they have no effect.


      Why is the keyframing being neutralized by rendering and exporting???


      How can I get my Tint and Brightness/Contrast to actually work with keyframing and Wave Warp?