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    Target a child Symbol whith TweenMax

    oliverS Level 1

      Hello everybody,


      I need help. I placed a symbol on the stage:



      var eins = sym.createChildSymbol("eins", "Stage");


                'position': 'absolute',

                'left': 100,

                'top': 0





      Now I want to move this symbol with tweenMax with a button


      If I place the symbol directly on the stage from the library and


      put the following code on the button:



      TweenMax.to(sym.$("eins"),2,{css:{y:120, scale:1, opacity: 1}, delay:0, ease:Expo.easeOut});



      everything is fine, except ChildSymbol does not move.




      But this is what I want, to move a placed ChildSymbol on the stage.



      I know it is a beginner question, but I dont know how to target a var whit TweenMax


      Maybe someone could help.