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    Can not recover saved slide show


      Created and saved slide show in Photoshop Elements 7.  When I attempt to access it by selecting the file name in "Recent Documents" Photoshop Premier Elements 7 opens.  Using drop-down menu "file" I see "open project", I select the project, and get the "hourglass"  but nothing happens.  After some time I find the program has frozen.  I have created slide shows this way in the past without a problem.  Have rebooted, tried to open project in several ways with the same result.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          How did you save this created slide show in Photoshop Elements 7?

          a. Did you save it as a Slide Show Project by hitting Save Project at the top left corner of the Slideshow Editor interface


          b. Did you Output this Slide Show via Save as a File Movie File (.wmv)?


          c. Both.


          If the slide show still exists in the Photoshop Element 7 Organizer, then you should find it

          a. Setting the Display to Thumbnails and finding the thumbnail with the "Slide Show Project" label at its top right corner (see by placing mouse cursor over that area).


          b. Probably easier if you have a lot in the Organizer, set the Display for Folder View. All the saved slide shows should be at the top of the groups shown, assumed with the location listed as C:\Program Data\.........My Catalog..."


          How does this all relate to Premiere Elements and in particular your Premiere Elements 7? Are you looking also for the project.prel that you may have transfer the Photoshop Elements slide show into?


          I am not quite clear on where you are in Photoshop Elements with "Recent Documents" Photoshop Premier Elements 7.


          Please review and then we can move forward based on your answers.





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            Rukbat23 Level 1



            When I saved the slide show I was in PS Elements 7 and I used the "Save Project" button at the top left of the Slide Show Editor page.


            I have tried to open the file several ways.  Not being able to find it in Elements (I see all my thumbnail pictures but not the slide show in the Elements Organizer) I went to Windows Start/Recent Documents and saw the saved slide show reference. I clicked on that and PS Premier Elements opened but the slide show did not.  I closed Premier Elements and reopened it by choosing the icon on my desktop. When it opens it asks if I want to open a saved project and there is my saved project,  When I click on that the slide show does not open.  I get the main screen and when I select Edit and go to the Projects button, there is no project.  (I used to see icons for all the previous slide shows I've created but I don't see those any longer.  If I go to File in the upper left corner and select Open Project, I see saved in MY Videos file folder the PRE logo and the title of my slide show.  When I click on that to open it I get this message:  "Save changes to [name of show].prel before closing." 


            Note it has a .prel suffix.

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              look in recycle bin that's where mine went and I sent it back and I don't know where it went after that

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Going back to that Photoshop Elements Project (the SlideShow), you linked to Assets (the "slides"). Did you Delete, Move or Rename any of those Assests used?


                Good luck,



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                  Rukbat23 Level 1

                  I see the file in the "My Video" folder (I use Windows XP) but when I try to open it the Premier Elemtns launches but then freezes.  Something is causing the program to freeze.  And yes, I've run updated antivirus programs.

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                    Rukbat23 Level 1

                    No.  All assets are untouched and I can see them and access them through Organizer.